The Christian Santa

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Many Christians struggle with the commercialization of Christmas! While a fictional story, "The Christian Santa" brings to the world a new vision for Santa. One who loves sharing the story of Jesus' birth and in the process of doing so, he rescues an orphanage, recruits little people to help him build toys for children, and teaches parents how important it is for them to keep Christmas focused on the birth of Jesus.

The story reflects how the author and his wife utilized the enchantment that Santa can bring to Christmas, but in a way to emphasize the importance Jesus' birth. It shows how you can do this too. God bless you in your journey as a Christian parent.
About the Author:
About the Illustrator:
Brian Crenshaw lives in Cincinnati, OH, with his wife Marcy and near his two grown children. About a year before he retired, he was inspired to write this story. He literally woke up and felt God nudging him to write “The Christian Santa” on the basis of how he and his wife had handled the topic of Santa Claus in their home. It took over a year to find the right illustrator yet when Jeff Lewandowski agreed to take on the project, Brian knew he had the perfect person for the job. Then again, God assisted by bringing Christine Beaudry into the picture with her professional editing skills and suggestions. Brian’s hopes this story helps parents to have a Christ centered Christmas with the enchantment that Santa can bring.
Jeff Lewandowski resides in Marquette, MI, with his supportive wife Season by his side and his dog Daisy May. He is a full-time student at Northern Michigan majoring in Engineering Design. He enjoys Lake Superior and spends his days outdoors surrounded by all the natural beauty the Upper Peninsula has to offer. An innate sense of artistic characteristics has been identified within Jeff from an early age and remains perpetual throughout his adulthood. Even though Jeff was born deaf, it does not limit him from pursuing his aspirations and dreams, which has made him more than a conqueror. His inspiration comes from his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the genuine support he receives from his loving parents, brothers and sisters. He also received three years of support from his favorite senior high art teacher Mr. Robert Bishop, who challenged him to excel in creativity and taught him several techniques. His inner passion shines throughout the illustrations of "The Christian Santa," and he feels very blessed to have a connection to the author of this book, via Carole Middleton